5 Top Ruttl alternatives in 2023

Ruttl offers a wide-ranging feedback platform, catering to various needs from capturing insights on websites and mobile apps to collecting remarks on videos.

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Diving deeper, Ruttl presents its offerings under three distinct umbrellas: Web, Mobile, and Video. While the Web tool focuses on website feedback, Mobile hones in on app insights, and the Video tool is all about those video critiques.

Now, if you're a web agency, you know the importance of feedback. In this article, we're zooming in on Ruttl's website feedback tool. Why? Because clear, actionable feedback can be the difference between a good website and a great one.

But here's the thing: Ruttl might not be everyone's cup of tea. Maybe you're scouting for different functionalities, a distinct user experience, or just watching the budget. Whatever the reason, we've got you covered.

Ready to explore? Here's our curated list of 5 standout alternatives to Ruttl's Website Feedback Tool. Let's find that perfect fit for your agency.

1. Feedbucket

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Feedbucket Features

  • Submit annotated screenshots directly from the website.
  • Give feedback using video recordings, no extra tools needed.
  • Two-way integrations with leading project management platforms.
  • Visual pins show where feedback has been submitted by others.
  • On-site guest portal for easy team collaboration with comments, file sharing, and beyond.
  • Records key info such as browser type, device, screen size, and more.
  • Auto-captures console logs for spotting JavaScript issues faster.
  • Customize the look to match your own branding with colors and logo.

Feedbucket Benefits

  • Built for web agencies: Feedbucket is crafted with web agencies in mind. It's fine-tuned to tackle the unique feedback challenges agencies face, ensuring decisions are optimized for this audience.
  • Deep project management integrations: Feedbucket deeply connects with top project management platforms. This means Feedbucket is not another tool that your team needs to log in to.
    Asana task created from feedbucket with all technical meta data attached.

    Task in Asana created by Feedbucket.

  • Client-friendly: Feedbucket simplifies the feedback process for clients. They can share and view feedback directly on the site without needing extra tools or accounts, making it more user-friendly and increasing the likelihood of active client participation.

Feedbucket Pricing

  • $
    Pro: $39 / month
  • $
    Business: $89 / month
  • $
    Enterprise: $259 / month

Ruttl vs Feedbucket: At a Glance

Used byDesign teams, web agencies,
software team, and more
Web agencies
Standalone toolCan beYes
Price for web agencyHard to compare with user pricing$39 / month
Free trialLimited usage on free plan14-days no credit card
2-way integrationsNoYes

5 out of 5 stars

β€œWe've purchased, used or tested the majority of tools on the market for getting website feedback from our clients and Feedbucket has to be the best!”

Image of Mark Tenney
Mark Tenney
Owner, Digital Church


Feedbucket is specifically designed for small web agencies keen on gathering feedback on web projects from both team members and clients. While Ruttl caters to various teams, Feedbucket's niche focus ensures it addresses this particular challenge effectively.

One of Feedbucket's strengths is its robust two-way integration with project management tools. For instance, marking feedback as resolved in your primary management tool will also update its status in Feedbucket.

Comparing the costs of Feedbucket and Ruttl can be a bit challenging. Ruttl's per-user pricing approach, aiming to include your entire team, might lead to higher costs. Feedbucket's Pro plan at $39 a month includes all you need to get started

You can try Feedbucket for yourself with a 14-day free trial to see the difference.

2. MarkUp.io

MarkUp.io website header

MarkUp.io Features

  • Offer insights and collaborate on a variety of formats, from websites and images to PDFs and beyond.
  • Ability to integrate with Zapier or Slack.
  • Enhance your feedback with video comments through Loom integration.
  • Gathers essential technical details like the browser in use, screen size, and the operating system automatically.
  • Engage in discussions on feedback, enriched with comments and added attachments.

MarkUp.io Benefits

  • Easy setup: With MarkUp.io, there's no need for any installations on your website. It uses a unique method to integrate your site within its system, making feedback on live sites straightforward. Plus, you can even leave comments on sites you don't personally manage.
  • Feedback on different types: Similar to Ruttl, MarkUp.io allows you to gather feedback on various digital materials, from websites and images to PDFs and more. This becomes especially useful when you're still in the design phase before moving to advanced design tools like Figma.

MarkUp.io Drawbacks

  • Issues with Basic Auth: If you're someone who secures their test or staging sites with Basic Auth, MarkUp.io might not be the best fit. While it can handle Basic Auth, capturing screenshots becomes problematic, which could impact your feedback process.
  • Fewer built-in integrations: While MarkUp.io does offer integrations like Zapier and Slack, and possibly ClickUp in the future, it largely operates on its own.
  • Another platform to manage: If you're already using tools like Jira, adding MarkUp.io to your routine might feel like an added chore. For developers, constantly toggling between platforms just for feedback can be a hassle.
  • Mobile through desktop: Although MarkUp.io allows you to simulate mobile devices on your desktop, it's not the same as conducting tests on an actual mobile device. The platform falls short in offering a truly responsive experience for collecting feedback.

MarkUp.io Pricing

  • $
    Free: Limited usage
  • $
    Pro: $29 / month

Ruttl vs. MarkUp.io: At a Glance

Used byDesign teams, web agencies,
software team, and more
Marketing-, digital-, creative agencies
Standalone toolCan beNo
Price for web agencyHard to compare with user pricing$29 / month
Free trialLimited usage on free plan30-days no credit card
2-way integrationsNoNo


In many ways, MarkUp.io mirrors Ruttl when it comes to submitting feedback on websites. Both tools sidestep the need for installations, thanks to their use of proxy technology.

However, this proxy approach in MarkUp.io brings with it some challenges, much like Ruttl. It's essential to delve deep into these tools and understand their limitations before deciding if they align with your needs.

When it comes to pricing, MarkUp.io offers a more straightforward approach than Ruttl. For agencies, the $29 a month plan from MarkUp.io might be a good fit, provided the drawbacks are manageable.

3. BugHerd

BugHerd website header

BugHerd Features

  • Send feedback using either a screenshot or a video recording.
  • Provide comments on specific parts of a webpage or address the whole page.
  • See where others have submitted feedback to reduce duplicates.
  • Captures essential tech info such as the browser type, screen dimensions, and operating system automatically.
  • Manage feedback efficiently using a Kanban-style board packed with comprehensive project management tools.
  • Easy setup using JavaScript or choose their browser extensions.
  • Engage in discussions about feedback, enriched with comments and attachments.

BugHerd Benefits

  • All you need to gather feedback: BugHerd equips you with everything required to streamline feedback collection. Whether from your team or clients, every piece of feedback is paired with a screenshot or video and extra details, ensuring clarity in understanding any problem or recommendation.
  • Avoid duplicate feedback: With BugHerd's marker system, you can easily see where feedback has been provided before, reducing the chances of duplicate feedback which is really nice.

BugHerd Drawbacks

  • Expensive for web agencies: To benefit from features like JavaScript installation or direct integrations, you'd need BugHerd's Premium plan. Priced at $129 a month, it's considerably steeper than other alternatives.
  • Potential overlap with existing tools: BugHerd isn't just a feedback tool; it's positioned as a comprehensive project management solution. If you're already using a project management tool, this can feel redundant. Plus, with its per-user pricing model, expenses can climb if you need to onboard your entire team.
  • Few Integrations: BugHerd does integrate with Zapier, opening doors to multiple third-party tools. However, its direct integrations are limited to platforms like Asana, Jira, Trello, and Github. A notable downside? None of these offer two-way sync. This lack of seamless data exchange might complicate your workflow, requiring extra steps to ensure consistency across platforms.

BugHerd Pricing

  • $
    Standard: $39 / month
  • $
    Studio: $69 / month
  • $
    Premium: $129 / month
  • $
    Deluxe: $229 / month

Ruttl vs. BugHerd: At a Glance

Used byDesign teams, web agencies,
software team, and more
Marketing- and web agencies,
QA Teams
Standalone toolCan beYes
Price for web agencyHard to compare with user pricing$129 / month
Free trialLimited usage on free plan14-days no credit card
2-way integrationsNoNo


BugHerd is a popular choice when looking for website feedback tools. It's different from Ruttl because you need to add some code to your website or use their browser extension to give feedback.

Like Ruttl, BugHerd doesn't connect well with other tools. Many agencies use one main project management tool to handle their projects. So, having to use another tool just for feedback can be a hassle.

BugHerd can also be expensive. If you're an agency, you'll probably need their Premium plan at $129 a month. This plan gives you more features like not needing the browser extension and better connections to other apps.

4. Pastel

Pastel website header

Pastel Features

  • Uses a proxy technology so you don't have to install anything on the website.
  • You can change text right in the tool if you see any mistakes, and submit that as feedback.
  • Lets you keep track of different versions of your website.
  • Assign the feedback to a team member and set different statuses.
  • Grabs info like the type of browser, device, and screen size automatically.
  • Discuss feedback right in Pastel with your team and clients.

Pastel Benefits

  • Easy setup: Similar to Ruttl, Pastel's approach means you don't need to install anything on your site. You can even provide feedback on websites that aren't under your control, all thanks to their proxy technology.
  • Feedback on multiple types: Pastel extends beyond just websites. You have the capability to annotate both images and PDFs. For teams that aren't relying on specialized design tools like Figma, this offers significant flexibility.

Pastel Drawbacks

  • Another tool for your team: Pastel might centralize your feedback, but it also adds another platform for your team to access. For developers and team members who'd rather minimize their platform hopping, this can be an inconvenience.
  • Short commenting window: One notable downside is the 72-hour limit for adding comments on canvases in their basic plans. After this time, you can only view the canvas, pushing agencies to consider pricier plan options.
  • Proxy comes with challenges: While the proxy feature is handy, it has its limitations, especially when you're dealing with Basic Auth or trying to provide feedback using a mobile device.
  • Limited number of integrations: Pastel doesn't offer a wide range of integrations, with just four available and no two-way syncing. This might mean extra work for you, transferring feedback to your main tools manually.

Pastel Pricing

  • $
    Free: very limited usage, impossible for web agency
  • $
    Solo: $29 / month
  • $
    Studio: $99 / month
  • $
    Enterprise: $350 / month

Ruttl vs Pastel: At a Glance

Used byDesign teams, web agencies,
software team, and more
Marketing-, digital-, creative agencies
Standalone toolCan beNo
Price for web agencyHard to compare with user pricing$99 / month
Free trialLimited usage on free plan14-days no credit card
2-way integrationsNoNo


Pastel stands alongside Ruttl in its use of proxy technology, enabling feedback submission without any website installations. However, this also implies an extra platform for you and your team to log into, adding to the potential array of tools already in use.

A notable consideration for web agencies is the 72-hour commenting window in Pastel's basic plan. To bypass this limitation, agencies might find themselves leaning towards the Studio plan, priced at $99 per month.

5. Superflow

Superflow website header

Superflow Features

  • Quick installation by adding a script tag to your website.
  • Share feedback on both websites and PDFs.
  • Assign feedback tasks to specific team members.
  • Provide feedback using video or voice recordings.
  • Share internal feedback, visible only to your team.
  • Flexible access controls per project, such as feedback submission limited to signed-in users or allowing guest inputs without sign-ins.
  • Guests can view feedback right on the site, eliminating the need to log into a separate platform.

Superflow Benefits

  • No account needed for clients: Clients crave simplicity. Asking them to download extensions or sign up creates barriers. With Superflow, clients can interact without creating an account, reducing the chances of them falling back on vague emails.
  • Feedback inbox on the website: This standout feature, which we've only seen with Feedbucket among our listed alternatives, is a game-changer. Clients can view and collaborate on feedback directly on the website. This approach, without the need to jump to another platform, ensures a smoother feedback process.

Superflow Drawbacks

  • No screenshot with feedback: While submitting feedback, Superflow doesn't capture a screenshot. Although you can spot a pin on the page indicating where the feedback was placed, a screenshot would be beneficial, especially if website alterations cause the pin to disappear.
  • Limited Integrations: Currently, Superflow integrates with only a handful of platforms: Slack, Asana, ClickUp, and Monday. They might expand this list in the future, but if you're using a different tool right now, Superflow might not be the ideal fit.
  • 1-way integration: Feedback transmission is one-sided, moving from your website to the project management tool. This means if you want to respond or mark feedback as resolved, you can't do that from within your project management tool.

Superflow Pricing

  • $
    Basic: $0 / month
  • $
    Starter: $39 / month
  • $
    Growth: $79 / month
  • $
    Scale: $149 / month

Ruttl vs Superflow: At a Glance

Used byDesign teams, web agencies,
software team, and more
Dev teams, QA teams
Web agencies
Standalone toolCan beYes
Price for web agencyHard to compare with user pricing$79 / month
Free trialLimited usage on free plan10-days no credit card
2-way integrationsNoNo


Superflow is a very elegant tool aiming to be self-contained, allowing everyone β€” from you and your team members to clients β€” to manage everything directly on the website.

However, it does have some limitations, especially when it comes to its integration capabilities with other platforms. This might be a point of consideration if seamless integration is important for you.

For web agencies, due to the restricted number of projects in the basic plans, it's probable that the Growth plan at $79 a month would be the most suitable choice to effectively manage website development feedback.


For web agencies exploring alternatives to Ruttl, Feedbucket might be worth a closer look.

Created by former web agency owners, they understand firsthand the hurdles of collecting client feedback and are committed to solving this very issue.

Feedbucket seamlessly integrates with your current project management tools. The aim? To enhance your feedback process without changing the systems, and workflows, you know and trust.

Experience the difference for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

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