From a web agency to starting Feedbucket

Back in 2018, Marcus took a big leap, leaving his job as a web developer to start his own adventure: a web agency dedicated to crafting websites and web applications for clients. Fast forward three years, and the agency was thriving, working with big names like Samsung, Google, Sonos, and more.

But there was a catch — collecting and organizing feedback on websites was always a tricky task. Despite trying every tool out there, none fit the bill. So, Marcus rolled up his sleeves and created Feedbucket.

In 2023, Marcus decided it was time to pass on the day-to-day operations of his web agency to fully dive into Feedbucket, dedicating all his efforts to its growth.

Our mission

Feedbucket is all about bringing order to the often messy task of getting website feedback for web agencies. Our goal is crystal clear: to ensure that feedback is easy to understand and includes all the necessary details right off the bat. Plus, we're on a mission to put an end to the dreaded "Email hell" — that endless back-and-forth with clients that can drive anyone nuts.

We've made simplicity a cornerstone of Feedbucket. Drawing from our experience running a web agency, we understand that not every client is tech-savvy. But we believe that shouldn't stop anyone from easily provide understandable feedback.

Equally important to us is the realization that most web agencies are already plugged into some kind of project management tool. We don't want to disrupt your existing processes and workflows. Instead, Feedbucket is designed to seamlessly integrate into the tools you already use, allowing you to handle all feedback without missing a beat.

Website feeedback collected
Team members

Beta testers on first version

After extensively testing Feedbucket within our own agency, we were ready to invite beta testers to try it out.

First paying customers

Feedbucket's initial version launched without an integrated payment method, so our early users manually wired their payments to us.

Digital Dominance joins

Our partnership with Digital Dominance, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Sweden, started uniquely. A cold call aimed at making them a customer turned them into our partners instead.

500.000 feedback collected

Feedbucket has successfully processed over half a million feedback items for our 300+ customers, and we're just getting started!

Our team

We are a small team from Sweden 🇸🇪