Collect and manage website feedback in one place

Learn how Feedbucket can help your streamline the client review process when building new websites

Video explaining how Feedbuckets visual feedback tool integrates with Asana

“We've purchased or tested the majority of tools on the market for getting website feedback from our clients and Feedbucket has to be the best!”

Image of Mark Tenney
Mark Tenney
Owner, Digital Church

With Feedbucket

Empower your clients to submit feedback without leaving the website

No extensions or registrations needed by your clients.

Submit annotated screenshots directly from the website

Save time and headache by always getting feedback that your developers understand.

Draw on screen

Better explain what should change by drawing on screen.

Technical information

Feedback includes browser, OS, device, and more.

Show and tell with video feedback, no installation required

Submit feedback on animations, multi-step interactions, navigations or anything else that is hard to explain in writing by recording your screen. No need to install anything!

Record your screen

Record your screen without installing anything.

Use your microphone

Add verbal feedback to better explain why change is needed.

Video Feedback with Feedbucket.

Communicate and collaborate on feedback in one place

No more "Email-hell" of scrolling up and down through email threads to figure out what should be done.

All in one place

Add comments, resolve feedback, and more with all stakeholders.

Send attachments

Easily accept attachments that get uploaded to your tools.

“Feedbucket saves us so much time and effort deciphering feedback from clients--totally eliminates the need for a shared Google doc or email threads with screenshots!”

Image of Mark Tenney
Anna Jennings
Owner, Theatrum Mundi
Collaborate together

Let the feedback flow into your existing project management tool

There's no need for your team to log into another platform. Feedbucket easily integrates into your current workflow by sending feedback with all the necessary details directly to your existing project management tool.

Automatically pushed

Set up the integration and Feedbucket handles the rest.

Configure inital task state

Set the project, status, and other initial task details.

Asana task created from feedbucket with all technical meta data attached.

Task created by Feedbucket in Asana. Lots of other integrations.

2-way sync allows your team to manage the feedback inside your project management tool

Your team can manage all feedback within your project management tools, keeping status synced. Simply add @feedbucket to send the comment to your clients.

Automatic status sync

Completing a task in your project management tool automatically resolves the feedback.

Communicate with clients

Your team can communicate with clients directly from the project management tool.

  • Task marked as Done in project management tool

  • Automatically updated status to Resolved in Feedbucket

  • Notified client about the change

Asana visual feedback
ClickUp visual feedback
Slack issue tracking
Notion website feedback
Trello visual feedback

Deep, 2-way integration with your favorite tools

Jira visual feedback
Teamwork visual feedback
Linear issue tracking
Shortcut bug tracking

How it works

Install Feedbucket on the website by adding a script tag

<script src="feedbucket.js"></script>

Clients and team submit feedback without leaving the site

Manage the website feedback in your project management tool

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Speeding up the review process on new website builds all over the world

“The simplicity with which we can now carry out the testing phase of new websites. We save time and at the same time have in the direction of the customer a professional software that enhances our services.”

Thomas Baudry
CEO, Agence KN

“For a while, we struggled with buggy tools. Feedbucket is very easy to set up. What I find most impressive with it is how quickly it sends tasks over to Asana and how reliable it is in that functionality.”

Mark Tenney
Owner, Digital Church

“This makes communication about feedback on a website or web-app super easy. Directly implemented on the website as a widget with a lot of useful feedback options (foto, video, highlighting).”

Philip Schenk
Founder, 02100 Digital

“Super nice small tool that does its job fantastically. Extremely easy to set up, everything just works. No extensions necessary”

Konrad Mazanowski
Owner, KonradM

“Very easy to use, customerfriendly. Good way for us in implementations of projects. Good to have the possibility to add tasks in automatically.”

Alexandra Mini Vuollet
Project manager, Visit Group

“We've probably purchased, used or tested the majority of tools on the market for getting website feedback and Feedbucket has to be the best!It's super simple to set up and gathering text feedback, image uploads, or video is a breeze.”

Dave Graham
Owner, Rock Paper Digital
5/5 at

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