Turn website feedback and bug reports into ClickUp tasks

Lets your clients and team members give feedback and report bugs straight into ClickUp, using screenshots and screen recordings without leaving the website.
Video explaining how Feedbuckets visual feedback tool integrates with ClickUp

Send annotated screenshots from the website to ClickUp

Save time and headache by always getting feedback in ClickUp that your developers understand.

Draw on screen

Better explain what should change by drawing on screen.

Technical information

Feedback includes browser, OS, device, and more.

Screenshot Feedback with Feedbucket.
  • Website
  • Device
  • System
    Mac OS Ventura
  • Browser
    Chrome 107
  • Resolution

Show and tell with video feedback

Record moving elements like animations, multi-step interactions, navigations or anything else that is hard to explain in writing. Your video feedback is automatically submitted to ClickUp.

Use your microphone

Add verbal feedback to better explain why change is needed.

Nothing to install

All you need to record a video is right in your browser.

Video Feedback with Feedbucket.

“Feedbucket saves our team around 10 hours and a ton of headache every month.”

Anna Mellstrand
Anna Mellstrand
CEO, Digital Dominance
High-context ClickUp tasks

Everything you need. In ClickUp.

Get all the information that's needed to start working on the issue directly in ClickUp. Technical information and screenshot are automatically added by Feedbucket to your ClickUp tasks.

ClickUp task created from feedbucket with all technical meta data attached.
2-way sync

Organize your client communication in ClickUp

Keep the feedback status synced with ClickUp

If you, or your client, mark some feedback as resolved in Feedbucket the ClickUp task will automatically be completed.

If you instead mark the task as completed inside of ClickUp, it will be resolved in Feedbucket and your client will be notified.

  • Marked as Completed in ClickUp

  • Automatically updated status to Resolved in Feedbucket

  • Notified client about the change

Keep all communication in one place

Sending back and forth emails to your client regarding website feedback can be very time consuming and confusing.

With Feedbucket we sync all comments to the ClickUp task and you can also reply to comments from inside of ClickUp.

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How to integrate with ClickUp

The easiest way to get visual website feedback and bug reports into ClickUp


Register a Feedbucket free trial.


Connect the ClickUp integration.


Get screenshot and video feedback into ClickUp.


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