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Collect and manage website feedback in the tools you already use

A website feedback tool designed for WordPress agencies to better collect and organize feedback and bug reports from clients when reviewing new websites.

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Screenshot of how Feedbucket, a wordpress feedback plugin, works
Screenshot of how the Feedbucket widget looks
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Without Feedbucket

Got vague "It doesn't work" feedback from your client? It sucks!

No screenshot to explain the feedback

Just received a "fix this" from your client, but they left out the "what" and "where"?

Feedback scattered across email threads

Got lost in a long email thread yet again, just to understand your client's website feedback?

Wasting hours by manually creating tasks

Copied and pasted feedback from an email into your project management tool, again?

How it works

Install our WordPress feedback plugin on the clients staging site


Clients and team submit feedback without leaving the site

Manage the website feedback in your project management tool

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With Feedbucket

WordPress feedback plugin that let's you collect and organize client feedback

No extensions or registrations needed by your clients.

WordPress feedback plugin

Ensure all feedback comes with a screenshot, recording, and essential details

Stop struggling with vague and unclear client feedback, directly pinpoint what needs changing by automatically capturing screenshots, recordings, and key details.

Website feedback tool in action by annotating the website.
CTA not working
Mac OS
Console logs
Feedback collaboration

Organize, collaborate, and manage all feedback communication in one place

Say goodbye to endless email threads. Keep track of client feedback and ensure everyone is on the same page with collaboration tools like comments, attachments, and status tracking.

Collaborate together
2-way Integrations

Manage the feedback in your existing tools and workflows

The feedback is kept in sync with your existing tools, allowing your team to manage it all there. No need for extra logins or drastically change your workflow. Just clear feedback.

Client Testimonials: Real Success Stories with Feedbucket

WordPress agencies use Feedbucket to organize client communication

“The simplicity with which we can now carry out the testing phase of new websites. We save time and at the same time have in the direction of the customer a professional software that enhances our services.”

Thomas Baudry
CEO, Agence KN

“For a while, we struggled with buggy tools. Feedbucket is very easy to set up. What I find most impressive with it is how quickly it sends tasks over to Asana and how reliable it is in that functionality.”

Mark Tenney
Owner, Digital Church

“This makes communication about feedback on a website or web-app super easy. Directly implemented on the website as a widget with a lot of useful feedback options (foto, video, highlighting).”

Philip Schenk
Founder, 02100 Digital

“Super nice small tool that does its job fantastically. Extremely easy to set up, everything just works. No extensions necessary”

Konrad Mazanowski
Owner, KonradM

“Very easy to use, customerfriendly. Good way for us in implementations of projects. Good to have the possibility to add tasks in automatically.”

Alexandra Mini Vuollet
Project manager, Visit Group

“We've probably purchased, used or tested the majority of tools on the market for getting website feedback and Feedbucket has to be the best!It's super simple to set up and gathering text feedback, image uploads, or video is a breeze.”

Dave Graham
Owner, Rock Paper Digital
5/5 at WordPress.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Feedbucket, a website feedback tool, easily installs on your WordPress site with a plugin. It's ideal for your clients' staging or test environments during development, enabling clear, direct feedback from the website. Manage all feedback communication in one place and sync it with your current project management tool.

Check out the WordPress.org plugin directory listing for more information.

Stop the back and forth in email.Take control of the website feedback process.

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